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Where: Silverglen Retreat and nearby forest.
When: During the current player plot!
What: Apollo is no longer in a cage and she's on the hunt for booze and good food. Also whores.
Warnings: It's Apollo she descended into dick/sex talk. 8|

Silverglen Retreat
Thanks to one blacksworn's shenanigans, this certain blacksworn is finding that she has a little more room to get up to shenanigans of her own. She hadn't really been here that long before getting kidnapped and shoved in a cage with six other people for a week or... however fucking long it was (it's hard to keep track of the days alright), but she did at least realize that the natives here weren't too keen on the dragonsworn.

Until now, anyway. Upon recognizing her as a blacksworn, the locals here seemed suddenly... well, nicer. For one, no one was trying to steal her or her dog, and for two, shit, they actually seemed to want her there. Something about the other flights being assholes?

Whatever, their suspiciously rude behaviour to the elves meant one thing: booze and whores may or may not have better chances of being found now. She hasn't the faintest idea whether or not this little place even has any brothels or bars but if it does, then shit, she's gonna find it. As such, Apollo continues to wander around with her dog, until finally she asks out loud (to the dog, to herself, or to whoever may be close to her at the moment), "Fuckin' come on, do elves not have whores? Doesn't even have to be an elf whore, any kinda whore'll do, and booze, I ain't in that backwards of a world where that shit ain't a thing, am I?"

Should one venture out into the forest, it is very possible to find Apollo out there as well. This afternoon, in particular, the woman has found a river, and she seems to be... fishing. But she doesn't have a fishing rod - no, her chosen method of fishing is to use her bare hands. Which she actually is somewhat proficient at, if the growing pile of fish laying next to Metalhead on the shore is any indication.

She isn't totally naked, but the majority of her clothes have also been left in a pile nearby her dog so that they might stay dry. So what's left is a woman covered in tattoos, just barely left decent by black undergarments, standing knee deep in the river and looking very much on the prowl.

"C'mon, you tasty little fucks." She murmurs to herself, eying the water and waiting for her prey to come closer. "Gonna need a few more of you for a good fuckin' fry up."

Obsidian Sanctum or elsewhere! Make something up and I will tag it. 8)
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wildcard, yo; Obsidian Sanctum

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"Well, well, look what the 'kin dragged in," the Master quips.

He does leave the sanctum sometimes, alright, but hey, he's dressing differently than he was when he last saw Apollo. He's finally tossed the hoodie (after he accidentally caught part of it on fire) and has started to adjust to a basic black-and-violet Warlock robe.

"Please tell me you at least gleamed some valuable information from your fellow cellmates."

He's going to be very disappointed in her if she didn't spend some of her time wisely.

But he has a feeling he is going to be.
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He stares at her with a dull expression. Someone new to sleep with. That's great. Fantastic. So very useful, Apollo.

The Master almost throttles her, but thinks better of it, and focuses on the first part of her sentence.

"Which flight is your 'common friend' in? At least it might mean we can get an 'in' both with blue and... whichever the other one is." If Apollo even realizes and understands the value that she has with those friends. It's like having pre-made spies.
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Yes, because he has any idea who the other flights are, but the moment she says "time folk" it clicks. That's where the Doctor ended up, the bastard. It makes sense, of course.

"Yes, they're the 'time folk.'" He sighs and rubs the back of his hand over a brow. "We should check with the rest of the blacksworn sometime. See who we know among the other flights. Could come in handy sometime." He'll hop on that at some point, really. After he finishes getting a decent feel for his magic. "At least it would give us an idea of who can be trusted." And used.
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"If I was bronze I would have to put up with a moron 24/7. I think I'm fine right where I am." Except for Deathwing, but hey. That's life.

One day maybe he'll get her to learn the value of information in this world.

Or he'll give up.

(He'll probably give up.)

"Of course not, but if we need something particular done and you know someone in another flight that can help, then we can send you off to those people. Don't forget that there's a war going on. It's all about strategy, my dear. We have to 'play the field.'"
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"He's someone from my universe." Ugh, "friend," no, not at all. He might not go as far to call the Doctor his enemy right now (as the Master has other priorities), but it's only a matter of time.

He doesn't answer her question about whether or not he trusts her, but his expression goes cold and dark the moment she mentions the potential for backstabbing. "Then I'll kill you," he tell her. "Simple as that."
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His coldness slowly fades and a cat-like grin replaces it.

"There now. So nice for us to have this little chat."

He doesn't know if he'd actually be able to win against Apollo if it came down to it, but she doesn't have to know that. All she has to see is his exuding confidence. But he would like to think that he's gotten decent enough with this new magic that he would be able to hold his own.

"Do try to avoid getting kidnapped again, hm? It gives our flight bad PR."
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Sarcasm is how they all get by, isn't it?

He snorts. "So you let your guard down. What were you doing, rolling around in flowers?" See? Sarcasm, don't leave home without it.
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"Of course you were. I should have guessed."

He did, actually. Back when the kidnappings happened and she was MIA and he had this inkling that it was something he said. But she's not his damn responsibility.

"And did you find one, or were you captured beforehand?"

Talking of a ship piques his curiosity though, enough that his sarcasm slips ever so slightly and he raises a brow. "Commandeering a ship... hm. That could have it's uses." Occasionally Apollo is smarter than she looks, not that she'd ever likely help him out on her own accord.
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Wow she's married? Who in their right mind would have...

Never mind. He doesn't care. It's not important.

"A ship could provide a tactical advantage against," he pauses for the slightest of seconds, "the Burning Legion." And anyone else, but perhaps he shouldn't try to steer Apollo so blatantly against the other flights. Yet. If he can direct her towards the demons, then with a careful push here and there, maybe...

"I wonder, do the demon hordes even occupy the sea?" Clearly the best way to keep him from being an insane megalomaniac is to give him something to strategize over.

"Ask the locals; they might know something about where ships used to sail." And they still should be liking the blackflight, if they're careful.
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"Transportation. If they're not guarding the waters, we can perhaps move 'troops' around the continent more securely. Unless you think you can ride into battle on dragonback."

He raises a brow and looks around them, eying distant dragonkin, and snorts.

"I think they'd eat you before they ever allowed that."

He's not even going to comment on her choice of ship names. Honestly, he shouldn't be surprised at this point.
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He laughs at potentially be a first mate. He'd never stand for it, of course. There's only so much of his current on-the-sidelines behavior that he can let himself put up with.

"Not just us, but people of the other flights." He can send them into battle as cannon fodder. "They're a part of this war, too, after all. Strength in numbers and all that jazz." He holds his hands up as he says that last part and flutters his fingers briefly. Jazz hands. The mean is probably lost on her though.
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He would 99% start a mutiny.

That 1% comes from how much he doesn't care about the dragons and their dumb little war either, and if a ship gets him away from Deathwing, well damn, he might want to sign up for that crew. It's not any more stupid than fleeing the Time War and turning himself human, right?

"Give it time. Every 'sworn out there is still learning the ropes. The ones that survive will make up for three or four peons."

God, Apollo, there are few good things that have come from planet Earth, and you don't even understand them. So disappointing.