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01: Obsidian Sanctum

Who: Cynder, Black Dragonsfolk
What: Bandwagoning the new arrival thing
Where: Obsidian Sanctum
When: New Arrival period proper
Warnings: Black Dragonsworn doing Black Dragonsworn things.

[Home is now a lava pit, it seems.

Cynder understood this was a different world. She understood something had happened to her own, and then she'd been snatched away to this place. Whatever that cloaked biped had said, she recalled most of it, and the imagery of dragons of multiple colors, and that somehow she was supposed to help. What she didn't understand was why Spyro hadn't been called instead. The Purple Dragon was after all, a hero. She ... was not.

She hadn't moved from the dark cave she'd woken in, black scales on black stone allowing plenty of natural camouflage once she'd tucked herself up and folded her wings tightly against her sides, trying to get her bearings. Only when she's managed to settle her nerves enough was she willing to leave her hiding spot - and that perhaps only because there are other dragons outside. Dark ones, like herself, instead of the blaze of yellow, blue, green and red she'd gotten used to at the Dragon's Temple. They might be strangers, but she was in their territory, and if they wanted to hurt her she'd be hurt.

The small dragon's exploration of the Obsidian Sanctum is as silent as she can make it, exceedingly cautious and as unobtrusive as she can manage. The dragonkin guards were intimidating enough to keep her from approaching too closely, save attempting to get around some and investigate the eggs very ... very gently. Dragon eggs were always precious things, and she won't touch, but they seemed a little strange. They had spikes.

And then further poking around, slinking from place to place low to the ground, using scent as well as sight and sound to tell what's where. She blends in fairly well all told, save the silver collar, bracers and tailband she wore; spotting her as she picks her way warily about, giving anyone and anything draconic a politely wide berth to try to avoid drawing possible trouble. Non-dragons, or things blatantly not related to them as the dragonkin were, however might draw the attention of Cynder very quickly.]
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[Well if the dragon was looking for something out of the ordinary, the Master has been walking about the sanctum. In fact, if she's been watching him for awhile, she would have seen him take the same slowly paced route several times now. His eyes skim the surface, and he looks deep in thought.]
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[He doesn't see her right away, and he would never admit to being startled, but... well... it was startling, alright. He turns about and stares down at her with wide eyes and wonders if this is some messed up test, with Deathwing or one of the dragonkin watching him from a distance.]

... Hello.

[He's pretty sure he's not even supposed to look at a whelp, let alone talk with one. Did it wander away from its clutch or something?]

Shouldn't you be... somewhere that's not here?

[You know, away from him, not getting him in trouble. Scram!]
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[Jeez, how long has she been stalking him?]

Really. I find that hard to believe, what with how your lot is so heavily protected.

[He thinks about telling her he's a Time Lord, but then he has to wonder if she'll start calling anyone that "looks like him" a Time Lord, and wouldn't that just be insulting?]

Just think of me as humanoid. Maybe when you're older I'll tell you more.

[He really isn't sure what the heck to do with her.]
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[She just got here? But that would mean...]

You're not one of the black dragonkin.

[Well that means he can cool his jets. He shouldn't get in trouble for leading an outsider dragon astray. Hopefully.]

Well, welcome to the black dragonflight, I suppose. [He makes a face at her trying to reason out what he is.] Your life is going to get a whole lot more confusing if you ask too many questions. I'm guessing there's numerous species here that you've never encountered before. [Which he can say with extreme certainty considering he's never seen so many of these species, and he's been around the block.]
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[It's probably her politeness that hasn't made him leave her presence. Or dump her off with Surion. The Dragon Mage needs more work.]

Well, that is true. [He presses a hand at his forehead. Maybe they can train her, if she's young enough, to eat all their enemies.] Just how old are you, anyway? [He'll get back to explaining different species to her. Probably.]
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Age gives a nice correlation when it comes to experience. [He cocks his head to the side.] But age doesn't translate well cross-species.

Take the age of a human: age fifteen would be potentially a sixth of their lifespan. For me, and one other in this world, as a Time Lord, fifteen might be a sixtieth. For a dragon? Well, I can't say I know much about dragons.
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[An adolescent. He can work with that. Maybe shape her into a true beast serving the blackflight.

Or he'll just lead her off into a situation that surely will get her killed.

(It's good to have backup plans.)]

Well, killing dragons might come in handy further down the road. [Because all the flights are such best friends.] Nothing to worry yourself over right now. Just don't ever touch black, or Deathwing might "disown" you.

[Look at him. Being such a helpful guy to a newbie blacksworn!


I can... see time. [Pauses. Frowns.] At least I used to be able to. This... place--universe--has muddled with it.

[He wonders if the Doctor, all cozy with the bronze "time guys" flight, still has some kind of complete connection with Time. Best not to ask, it'll only make him jealous if the answer is "yes."]
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Maybe not "allies" exactly, but killing them isn't in our best interest.

[He strangely finds himself actually liking the small dragon, so there's at least less chance that he'll ultimately try to be her undoing, one day.]

New powers seems to be a common them among the dragonsworn. Surion, the blackflight's "Dragon Mage" as he's called, said that this world changes people. [He smirks.] I'm still figuring it out; I doubt I've even scratched the surface.

And thank you.
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No worries! Work has been getting to me, too. I can ping the mods for Surion if you want!

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[Without his new magic he'd probably be dead within days of arriving to this place, so Cynder makes a fair point.

He snorts.]
He might actually get a kick out of you. [What with being a dragon and all.] He should be around the sanctum somewhere. We could likely find him.
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dropped them a line!

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[He contemplates telling her why he was walking as he had been (he was counting and keeping a tally of the blackflight eggs), but decides it would better suit him to keep that information to himself.]

Not at all, I haven't seen the Dragon Mage lately, myself. Come along then.
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I was out of town, but hello :)

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[Surion is in his elven form as is to be expected. He's busy staring at some shiny crystal on the flat rock in front of him; there appears to be quite a bit of it, broken and scattered. It looks like obsidian, but it's cloudy in places.

He heard them coming, which is probably why he doesn't look surprised. He pulls away from his project and greets his visitors with a smile, polite and distant as always.]

Greetings. What is it you require of me, dragonsworn?
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[It isn't like they were trying to be particularly stealthy in their wanderings; the Master wouldn't want to even try startling Surion. But the Master does give the crystal a frown, wondering if it was important enough to warrant the Dragon Mage's attention, or if Surion was just... well. Spacing out.]

Oh, nothing much, just an ever-curious new arrival. A dragon, even. [He nods down at Cynder and then smirks at Surion.] Thought she belonged here at first. Cynder, Surion. Surion, Cynder.
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She does look very much like a black dragonling.

[He may smell familiar-- he was the one who gave her the brief talk before she was deposited in the sanctum. Though, he was hooded then. He carries the scent of ash and cinders. He smells, well, like a dragon.]

It is a pleasure to meet you properly, Cynder. [He bows slightly, but not too far.] You may ask whatever you like-- I am here to facilitate the relationship between dragons and dragonsworn. There are some requests I cannot grant, as there are limits to even my power, but I will do what I can to make you comfortable here. It is my hope that I can arm you as well, so that you may fight alongside us.
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[The Master likes her better than the sanctum's dragonlings.

For the moment, he keeps quiet and remains, though he could easily slide off, or maybe take a trip outside of the sanctum.

Instead, he sticks around, listening for anything that he might be able to make use of another time.

Knowledge is power, after all.]

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