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[open] you can't count on nothin'

Who: Seviilia Brightwing and YOU
What: Multiprompt!
Where: A cave, in the mountain Range to the east of Suramar.
When: NOW
Warnings: Death Knight warnings

A. Stags and Owls and Bears, oh my!

[Its been a few long and quiet days, where Seviilia has spent the better part avoiding other Dragonsworn passing in the area. She had seen the Aspects traveling north, Deathwing among them, and wasn't interested in revealing herself until she was certain their business in the area had completed. In truth, she spent several hours contemplating whether or not Deathwing had already been clued in to her presence, without actually looking for her.

The uncertainty had made her tense, and a tense death knight meant bloodshed. Anyone wandering the perimeter will find a trail of various animal corpses right up to a singular elf, crouching half-stealthed behind a tree while waiting for another to cross her path. If the scent of blood doesn't give her away, the anxious shifting will.]

B. Suramama Mia

[Seviilia had chosen the area for its location near the river -- it meant there was plenty of life passing through if she ever felt an urge, and it also gave her something to watch that wasn't liable to attack her for being in its space. The downside, of course, was that it nearly neighbored Legion territory.

This could also be considered a plus, as it kept the Night Elves and most Dragonsworn away as well. But for the moment, it was a definite negative.

Its the sound of small feet scratching that gets her attention first, then the stale mell of brimstone. The knight's ears perk upward briefly, then lay back as she reaches for her axes to step out of the cave. Sure enough, a small scouting pack of imps bounces along through the trees, followed by a large (but singular) felhound.

Seviilia promptly retreats back behind the rocky alcove and narrows her eyes. They're following something -- or someone. Maybe its her.

Or maybe its you.]

C. Shake Rattle and Roll

[Seviilia has spent the better part of the day following the river as far as it will go, to the edge of troll territory. Though she is mostly certain she could take a handful of the larger, ancient cousins of those she is familiar with, she isn't particularly interested in attracting them to her position.

Constructing a barrier while she is still mostly clueless about these new abilities proves difficult -- not to mention the fact that she is trying to do it without alerting the trolls to her presence. Its possible that, while wandering along the river, you fall into one of the many pitfall traps she's managed to create by bending the earth around her.

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[He's much farther out than he's ever been, but he's been wanting to get a better lay of the land, and he thinks he can survive on his own for a bit. That, and he needs to get away from the Obsidian Sanctum for awhile. When Apollo's chatter and Eldritch voices start becoming regular static amongst the roll of his drumming, it's time to take a vacation.

It's not that he hasn't been watching where he's going, it's just that his eyes are fixated on his surroundings more than where his feet are stepping. He knows to expect demons, or wild animals, or other 'sworn. He doesn't expect goddamn misshapen chunks out of the ground.

The shock of his ungraceful landing jars his senses that for the first time since he's started feeding on souls, his life energy tears away from him in a jagged ripple.

Cue a very angry yell.

He hopes no one saw any of that :|]
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You-- [He jerks upright out of his fall at the voice, fingernails dragging up soil, and scowls at her. After a bit more effort, he clambers back to his feet and dusts off his robes. Come on, he's trying to keep this outfit in tact.] Gee, thanks. I had no idea without your brilliant insight.
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Is that right? Well then please [he spreads his arms and raises his brow, the sarcasm still in his voice] continue to "enlighten" me. [He tucks his arms back against his robe.] My ensemble from home wasn't going to last forever.
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lol good times

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[His stance immediately shifts ever so slightly to the defensive, and his hands tighten on his arms, an itch of magic tingling at his fingertips, ready to snap out a spell if it came down to it. He doubts fighting her would be anything like finding a bear, but he's certainly not going to be "tripping" into yet another problem with her.

He cocks his head to the side.]

Maybe if you buy me dinner first, darling.
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And I eat souls [most of the time] so I think we could work something out. [Some of his tension eases as he smirks at her.]
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[He shrugs.] To each their own. Give me a reason, and maybe I won't. [He also feeds off information. She is the one that called him a Warlock before he even knew any ups and downs to magic.]
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I'll make enemies no matter what. Might as well make sure I'm making them for the reason I want, before they jump on other lines of possibilities.

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[He's spent most of his effort being all polite at that redsworn party that he just doesn't care for niceties around her.

He also fell into her stupid pit.


My flight already is a "sore subject" with the others, it appears, due to its oh-so-lovely leader. [Okay so maybe it's a sore subject with the Master, too, just for other reasons.]
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[He scoffs.] I thought about how he'd react if I called him by his "given" name. Maybe if the flight gets a newbie 'sworn that annoys me enough, I can get them to do it. Or Apollo. [Though as he says it, he shakes his head and dismisses that plan. Nah. He's not that mean to Apollo, yet.]
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The Aspect of the Redflight. [Sickening dragon, good god. Blah blah life and love and all that mush. Hideous.]
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here's hoping nothing ends up still going wrong at said party lol

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[He barks out a laugh, because really, the whole concept was simply hilarious.] The redsworn thought throwing a cross-flight "diplomatic party" could be beneficial. Any "tension" was temporarily put on hold. They plan on doing it relatively regularly. You should attend. [He laughs again.]
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Too bad. They might actually prove to be useful... depending what you need, that is. [Like the Master looking for weak links and people that might be shaped into eventual pawns.]
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That depends what's in it for the little bird.

[Other than not being the speedbump to a crazy, homicidal person.]

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